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Jane's Brain #1

Jane's Brain #1

Do you communicate your passion?

I saw a cartoon many years ago, in The New Yorker, of course. It showed one burly fellow tossing a football to his buddy. The message on his shirt read “SUBLIME” while his friend’s said “RIDICULOUS.” I remember laughing out loud and I still grin every time I think of it. Kudos to the clever cartoonist, but how does it relate to your marketing?

SUBLIME mean awe-inspiring, transcendent, or moving. Have you experienced any moments like that lately? The first one that comes to my mind was an afternoon hike I took with a friend’s little girl. As we walked out of a thicket of trees into a clearing, we came face-to-face-with a peacock that spread its magnificent tail feathers for us to enjoy. To this day, those colors remain the brightest in my memory bank. Unforgettable!

RIDICULOUS is another matter completely. It means silly, bizarre or outrageous. We have all witnessed or participated in such moments. The most outrageous thing I ever did–I was four at the time–was painting our refrigerator, stove, and kitchen table using red enamel paint. Ah, creativity!

Have your marketing attempts been either too sublime or too ridiculous? They needn’t be, but finding the perfect “in between” message isn’t easy. Most people go into business because they are passionate about what they do. It is vital to communicate that to anyone you want to turn into a regular client or customer.

Successful marketing gets people to try your product or service the first time. It’s up to you to deliver well enough for them to come back again. Repeat business isn’t a given; it must be earned. Remember, great advertising will only help a bad product or service fail faster.

How well did you communicate your passion today?


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