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Jane's Brain #2

Jane's Brain #2

Is it True Love?

Most of us believe that we communicate well. When we open our mouths words fall out of them, people around us nod or shake their heads, and we move through our day getting our needs met and traveling from place to place without too much difficulty. But do we really?

Are we being heard as well as we think we are? Are the messages we send effective, or ignored? Is our audience “getting” our intentions or misconstruing them? Missed communication even occurs with those we love—family and friends—as well as in our professional lives. The price we pay can be huge.

Failed marketing communications make similar mistakes on a daily basis:

Take, for example, the countless ads for perfumes, vacation hideaways, or fashions. The greatest percentage of them present a “loving couple”—and they are always attractive—who are embracing while they wear or enjoy the products being pitched to us.

Here’s my challenge. Grab some magazines. Now, look through them and tear out ads with pictures of “loving couples.” It won’t matter what they are pitching. Spread the ads out then review them. Soft lighting or bright sunshine? Rainy day hair or hair blowing in the wind? Are they fully clothed or nearly naked? Okay.

Now, go back and see how many of the ads show the woman and man actually looking at each other? Not gazing adoringly mind you, but just “seeing” each other. When I tried this exercise, I didn’t find a single one. The models were either staring straight into the camera lens to maximize their own “face time” or staring off into space. Does that communicate love? Or is the emotion these advertisers think they are showing not being portrayed at all?

Is the marketing story you are sharing with your target audience communicating what you think you are saying?


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