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My mother was still carrying me into the basement library in our Town Hall when she first began to read poetry aloud to me. Henry Wadsworth Longfellow, Ogden Nash, Lewis Carroll, Joyce Kilmer, and so many others delighted my ears.

Before I learned to read, mom had me memorizing the poems we loved best. During her entire life, when she wrote me a note it was always in rhyme. I composed my very first poem in grade school. I still own the original, printed in pencil on lined paper, complete with a sweet illustration!

My favorite anecdote is about me and Longfellow's "little girl" with the "curl right in the middle of her forehead." If you are curious, ask me and I'll share the laugh with you.

I still love to read and write poems. If you have a few minutes, I hope you will enjoy these.

Short Stories

I have always loved a good story and, this may not surprise you—certainly if you're another writer—but my bookshelves still contain favorite books from my childhood.

All the listening I did as a child trained my ears to focus on the tones, accents, and emotions behind words whether read to me or spoken. And I still prefer books or radio programs over movies or TV so my own imagination can paint the pictures for me.

Occasionally, when an idea comes to me, or I suddenly "hear" the voice of a character in my mind—it is someone whose story will require more than just a few words. When that happens, I write until I'm done.

Few tales are final in a first draft, but editing and re-writing will lead me to "THE END" and that is an exciting process. Here are a few of my short stories. I hope you will enjoy meeting these characters.

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